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U-Lace Classic Elastische Schnürsenkel Schuhband Elastic Laces - Schnürsystem Army Green

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U-Lace Classic Elastische Schnürsenkel - Schuhband Schnürsystem 


Inhalt: 16 Laces 

U-Lace Schnürsenkel, die Packung reicht für ein Paar Schuhe. 

Kann mit anderen Farben gemixt werden. Einfach in die Ösen einklipsen. 

Dank der elastischen Bänder brauchen Sie ihre Sneaker nicht mehr binden.

Ideal auch für Kids. Nie wieder Schuhe binden!!! Das Ausziehen geht blitzschnell.

Material: 100% Polyester Aglet: 100% Acetate

U-Lace is a modular shoelace specially designed to customize sneakers.

Each U-Lace is designed to span a single set of sneaker eyelets. This means that every set of eyelets is an opportunity to either choose the same color or a different color.

This means that with U-Lace you can lace as many colors into your sneakers as you have sets of eyelets.

But that’s not the end of it.  Because U-Laces are modular the 2 eyelets you choose to span with each one is up to you.  This means that you can also create awesome patterns just like the ones you see on this page.  So the options are truly limitless.

But not even that is the end of it.  Because U-Laces are designed with our LacedFeelTM  stretch material, sneakers laced with U-Lace are instantly transformed into easy-on/easy-off slip-ons which never needing to be tied again.